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Fees and Commissions for International Money Transfers

Fees and Commissions for International Money Transfers

10 March 2023

Remittances technology has seriously changed in the last decade. Bank transfers, card to card, wallets and crypto transfers - for an average person it's getting next to impossible to keep track on all these options. There is no best option or provider anymore, the choice will depend on the need weather it's speed, lowest commission or sending large amount of money. Goal of our website and our team is to make the complex world of international transfers a little simpler.

Types of Fees in International Money Transfers

Flat Fees

Many money transfer services charge a flat fee for transactions. This is a set amount you pay regardless of the transfer amount.

Percentage Fees

Some providers charge a percentage of the transfer amount as a fee. This can vary widely depending on the destination and amount.

Exchange Rate Margins

In addition to transaction fees, money transfer services may also make money by adding a margin to the exchange rate. It's important to compare the offered rate to the mid-market rate.

Additional Charges

Be aware of potential additional charges, such as receiving fees imposed by the recipient's bank or fees for using credit cards.

Comparing Major Money Transfer Services

ServiceFlat FeePercentage FeeExchange Rate Margin
Service A£30.5%1.5%
Service B£01%1%
Service C£10.75%0.75%

Case Study: Sending £1000 to the USA

Highlight: Service C offers the lowest cost for this transaction.

How to Minimize Fees and Commissions

  1. Compare services: Use comparison websites to find the best rates and lowest fees.
  2. Avoid credit cards: Choose bank transfers or debit cards to avoid high fees.
  3. Send larger amounts: Some services offer lower fees for larger transfers.
  4. Understand the exchange rate: Compare the provider's rate to the mid-market rate to ensure you're getting a fair deal.


What affects the cost of international money transfers?

The cost can be affected by the transfer amount, the destination country, the payment method, and the urgency of the transfer.

How can I find the mid-market rate?

The mid-market rate can be found on financial news websites, currency converters, and financial platforms.

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

Yes, some services may have hidden fees such as receiving charges by the recipient’s bank. Always read the terms and conditions.

Can I negotiate better rates?

For large transfers, some providers may offer better rates or waive certain fees. It’s worth asking.

Is it cheaper to send money internationally online or through a bank?

Online services often offer more competitive rates and lower fees compared to traditional banks.