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Limits for Sending Money Internationally from the UK
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Limits for Sending Money Internationally from the UK

10 March 2023

Remittances technology has seriously changed in the last decade. Bank transfers, card to card, wallets and crypto transfers - for an average person it's getting next to impossible to keep track on all these options. There is no best option or provider anymore, the choice will depend on the need weather it's speed, lowest commission or sending large amount of money. Goal of our website and our team is to make the complex world of international transfers a little simpler.

Understanding Transfer Limits

Transfer limits are the maximum or minimum amounts that can be sent through a money transfer service. These limits can vary significantly depending on the provider, the destination country, and the method of transfer.

Why Transfer Limits Exist

Types of Limits

Major Money Transfer Services and Their Limits

ServiceDaily LimitMonthly LimitPer Transaction Limit
Service A£50,000£250,000£10,000
Service B£10,000No limit£5,000
Service CNo limitNo limit£1,000,000

Highlight: Service C is optimal for large single transactions, while Service A and B may be better suited for regular, smaller transactions.

How to Navigate Transfer Limits

  1. Verify Your Identity: Providing additional verification can often increase your transfer limits.
  2. Choose the Right Service: Select a money transfer provider that fits your needs based on their limits.
  3. Plan Ahead: If you need to send large amounts, consider splitting the transfers over several days or weeks.

Reducing Fees Within Limit Constraints

Understanding the balance between transfer limits and transaction fees can help you minimize costs while complying with service restrictions.

Strategies to Reduce Fees


What is the maximum amount I can send abroad from the UK?

The maximum amount varies by service. Some providers allow transfers up to £1,000,000 per transaction with proper verification.

Why do money transfer services impose limits?

Limits are imposed for regulatory compliance, risk management, and to mitigate fraud and money laundering risks.

Can I increase my transfer limit?

Yes, by providing additional personal identification and verification, you can request to increase your transfer limits with most services.

How do transfer limits affect my transaction fees?

Higher transfer limits can help reduce transaction fees, especially when sending large amounts of money internationally.

Are there any services with no transfer limits?

Some services offer no set limits on transfers, but these typically require higher levels of account verification.